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Welcome to the Mindful Education Online Training.

 Join our comprehensive online training for mindful educators, administrators, and schools.


Welcome to the Mindful Education Online Training.

 Join our comprehensive online training for mindful educators, administrators, and schools.


How This Program Will Benefit You

Less Stress

For educators, mindfulness can decrease burnout and foster wellbeing. When taught to students, mindfulness supports more relaxed and regulated learners.

Culture of Compassion 

Mindfulness supports the development of kindness and understanding while limiting bias and assumptions. 

Emotional Regulation

Mindfulness supports happiness and emotional balance for both educators and students while developing resilience to the numerous pressures of life.

Gain Expertise 

Train with experts in the mindfulness and social and emotional learning fields and learn best practices for sharing these lessons with students and colleagues. 

Building Focus Muscles

Mindfulness strengthens attention and limits distractibility, helping us stay attuned to what is happening in the present moment and building productivity.

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Connect to Community 

Join an inspiring community of fellow educators committed to compassionate teaching. 


Contribute to a Culture of Compassion

Research shows that students and teachers in school systems that have adopted mindfulness are happier, more focused, more compassionate, emotionally regulated, and less impacted by stress.


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Contribute to a Culture of Compassion

Research shows that students and teachers in school systems that have adopted mindfulness are happier, more focused, more compassionate, emotionally regulated, and less impacted by stress.


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How This Training Works

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Personal Development

When teachers develop their own capacity for stress-reduction, attention, and emotional balance, positive change follows in the classroom. Therefore, The Mindful Education Online Training begins with audio, video, worksheets, and live webinar trainings for adults to develop their own mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Our teachers report less burn-out, greater job satisfaction, and that they connect better with their students.


Professional Development

In this full curriculum training you will learn the many benefits of mindfulness in education and the most effective ways of teaching it. Gain the competence to integrate mindfulness and social and emotional learning lessons into daily work with youth.  Gain expertise from videos, webinars, and worksheets from leaders in the mindfulness and SEL fields. Learn fun and easy ways to introduce students to mindfulness.


Implementation and Integration

This program teaches how to integrate mindfulness into existing lesson plans and administrative systems. Learn how even a few minutes per day, incorporated into class routines and curriculum, can make a substantial difference in students’ wellbeing and academic success.  As a multimedia training platform, Mindful Education gives the foundational skills and diverse tools that you can adapt to your students’ needs and your teaching environment.


What Educators are Saying:

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Meet your Mentors.

Experts and Leading Researchers from across disciplines help you to develop your practice and hone your craft.

Meet your Mentors.

Experts and Leading Researchers from across disciplines help you to develop your practice and hone your craft.

Lead Faculty & Course Curator


Daniel Rechtschaffen

Daniel Rechtschaffen, Marriage and Family Therapist, is the author of The Way of Mindful Education and The Mindful Education Workbook. He is the founding director of Mindful Education.


Adjunct Faculty & Guest Lecturers


Linda Lantieri

Linda is the author of Building Emotional Intelligence. She is the Director of The Inner Resilience Program and a co-founder of the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL).

Daniel Seigel

Daniel is the author of many books including The Mindful Brain, The Whole-Brain Child, and Brainstorm. He is the Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute and a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA.


Morris Ervin

Morris H Ervin, Jr. is an educator, entertainer, motivational speaker, and Youth Development Professional. He teaches mindfulness and non-violent communication in schools, hospitals, and 

Susan Kaiser Greenland

Susan is author of The Mindful Child. She is the cofounder of the Inner Kids mindful awareness program for children, teens and their families and she consults with various schools and organizations.

Course Components

Course Components

What You'll Get


Video Trainings with over 12 hours of material

  • Lessons covering topics such as the five mindful literacies, social-emotional learning, trauma-informed instruction, and more

Guided Audio Mindfulness Practices

  • Twelve guided audio practices to help you cultivate the fundamentals of attention, emotional balance, stress-reduction and building compassion for self and others

Downloadable Transcripts

  • Downloads of all the video sessions so you can choose to watch or read the lessons

Course Workbook

  • A number of worksheets including reflection exercises

Lesson Template Plans and Integration Guides

  • Thorough lesson plan templates and explanations on how to integrate mindfulness seamlessly into your classroom and larger school community

Online Learning Community and Private Facebook Group

  • Join a global community of practicing teachers, administrators, parents, and mentors of all kinds as you learn together and share challenges and breakthroughs


10 Podcast Interviews with mindfulness and education experts such as JusTme, David Treleaven, Caverly Morgan, Andres Gonzales, and more.

6 recorded webinars: Physical literacy, mental literacy, emotional literacy, social literacy, global literacy, and interview with Linda Lantieri

Two Live Q&A Sessions with the Founder of the Program, Daniel Rechtschaffen

Two Interviews with Experts in the Field

12 Additional Guided Meditations


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Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

What You'll Learn 

Lesson 1: The Field of Mindfulness in Education

An overview of the field of mindfulness in education and an opportunity to set an intention for how you’d like to apply this training to your own personal and professional development. Topics Include:

  • Overview of the Field of Mindfulness in Education
  • Introduction to five literacies of mindful learning

Lesson 2: Starting with Ourselves

We begin with personal development before we get into professional development to ensure that you become an embodiment of mindfulness for your students. Topics Include:

  • Why personal before professional development
  • Internal Family Systems

Lesson 3: Setting up a Successful Practice

We build a successful mindfulness practice through the posture in which we sit, the intentions we create, the support we call in, and the way we schedule our sittings. Topics include:

  • Creating a peaceful space
  • How to sit

Lesson 4: Teaching Mindfully and Practicing Mindfulness

Introduction into how to teach mindfulness principles to students in a way that is accessible and explorative for them. Topics include:

  • Self-regulation
  • Creating a Safe Space 

Lesson 5: Mindful Learning Objectives

Answering the question: “why is mindfulness important?” and how the research ties into the learning standards. Topics include:

  • 11 learning objectives
  • Integration of objectives into learning standards

Lesson 6: Physical Literacy and Making Mindfulness Fun

How to get students ready to learn by helping them calm their nervous systems and anchor their attention in present-moment physical sensations. Topics include:

  • Sensory maps of the body
  • Susan Kaiser-Greenland on mindfulness with kids

 Lesson 7: Mental Literacy and the Science of Mindfulness

Moving to the cognitive research on mindfulness, we learn illuminating games that we can use to help with the mental phenomena of distraction, sustained attention, thought watching, and attuning to senses. Topics include:

  • Anchor Breathing
  • Dan Siegel on the physiology of mindfulness

 Lesson 8: Emotional Literacy and Social Emotional Learning

Learn how to attend to the regulation and enhancement of both positive and challenging emotions with students. Topics include:

  • Connecting students’ bodily feelings to their mental thoughts
  • Linda Lantieri on Social-Emotional Learning and Mindfulness

Lesson 9: Social Literacy and Nonviolent Communication

Support students’ capacity for empathy, open-mindedness, and communication skills. Topics include:

  • Building the Empathy muscles
  • Morris Ervin, Jr. on Nonviolent Communication

Lesson 10: Global Literacy and Diversity

Take the focused attention, compassion, and regulation we’ve learned from the previous literacies into the world to better understand ourselves in a broader context. Topics include:

  • Mindful Eating and Life cycle assessment
  • Teaching to Different populations with Morris Ervin, Jr.

Lesson 11: Developmental Stages

Look at what mindfulness lessons are appropriate for each developmental stage and how to make them accessible. Topics include:

  • Developmental Mindfulness Model
  • Mindfulness for Grades K-12 explained

Lesson 12: Recommendations for Integration

How to seamlessly integrate mindfulness into our lives and the school environment. Topics include:

  • Mindful Moments
  • Mindful Test Prep and the stress thermometer



What People Are Saying

“I have had my own mindfulness practice for 5 years and have been searching for a mentor to help me transfer my knowledge into classrooms. Of all the endless hours of research I have done, Daniel's methodology with Mindful Education and the five literacies appealed to me the most. Daniel was also very attentive and willing to assist me in any way as I began the journey. It has been an extremely worthwhile endeavor and I have encouraged many of my colleagues to sign on."   

- Peggy M.

“This program teaches you how to take care of yourself first so that you can better help your students. Second, you can bring what you’ve learned to your students to teach them how to regulate themselves to provide a base from which they can be academically and socially successful.”  

-Tracy M. 

“The richest, deepest and most applicable mindful education program.”  

- Thorsten G.

“This is a meaningful, accessible and highly informative training that brings mindful teaching to life.  It is informal,   practical and yet profound. I recommend it with enthusiasm to those new to mindfulness in education as well as to teachers looking to deepen their existing practices.”  

- Elizabeth S.

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